Prepare Your Floors for The Holidays

Happy family | Markville Carpet & Flooring

Fall is in full force! Hopefully, you’ve settled into the season of pumpkins and football and have begun planning holiday get-togethers with friends and family. Whether you are hosting Friendsgiving or a houseful of cousins, here are some tips for…

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Flooring Ideas for Nature Inspired Design

Nature can mean different things depending on whom you ask. For some, it may mean the forest, mountains, or lake. For others, nature can mean the beach, or even the desert. When designing a home with a natural style, choosing the appropriate flooring is crucial. Floors anchor the design and,…

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How to Repair Water Damaged Laminate Flooring

Hardwood flooring | Markville Carpet & Flooring

If you have laminate flooring, or are considering installing laminate for durability and versatility, read on for some tips and tricks to repairing more extensive issues yourself… or knowing when to hire professional help. Repairing Water Damage Although manufacturers are…

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Repairing Scratched and Buckled Laminate

Living room laminate flooring | Markville Carpet & Flooring

Laminate flooring, a popular and versatile floor solution for today’s busy homeowners and lifestyles, can withstand a lot of use and abuse. On occasion, it can be damaged by pets, kids, or moisture. If you have laminate floors, or are…

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Creating a Cohesive Feel with Multiple Flooring Types

Living room carpet flooring | Markville Carpet & Flooring

When redoing your home, there are certain basic decorating rules that you should avoid breaking. It doesn’t matter if you are going for French Country, Farmhouse, Art Deco, Urban Chic, Boho, or some other vibe to your space, one rule…

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Vinyl Flooring Installation Methods

Tile | Markville Carpet & Flooring

Whether you install it yourself, or hire a professional, vinyl is an excellent choice when renovating your floors. Made completely from inorganic sources, vinyl is waterproof, versatile, and available in numerous styles to fit almost any decor. The most common…

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How to Choose the Right Carpet Color For Your Home

Carpet flooring | Markville Carpet & Flooring

Upgrading flooring is one of the biggest investments you can make when renovating your space, whether you opt for wood, tile, vinyl, or carpet. Available in a myriad of types, tones, and textures, carpet selection can feel very overwhelming. And…

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Benefits of Sustainable Flooring

Family having breakfast at the dining table | Markville Carpet & Flooring

Sustainable flooring, also known as green or eco-friendly flooring, is becoming increasingly popular, due to its numerous benefits to homeowners and the environment. Read on to discover what types of flooring are sustainable and exactly how each is beneficial.Engineered, Laminate,…

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Choosing the Right Underlayment for Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor installation | Markville Carpet & Flooring

If you’ve chosen a laminate floor for your home, it’s important to consider how to properly install it, and that means selecting the right underlayment. In most cases, a laminate floor will require some sort of layer between the subfloor…

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