Summer Flooring Trends for 2020

After springtime produces lush growth for our plants and our yards, we have the entire summer to enjoy the beautiful new life everywhere we turn! With the extra time indoors these past few months, you may have noticed a few areas in your home that could use some stylish rejuvenation. We have the looks at Markville Carpet & Flooring that will help you capture the spirit of the season. If you are ready to give an old room a design refresh, you might find the perfect inspiration from these summer flooring trends for 2020.

Light & Airy Hardwood

Homeowners love hardwood floors for their durability, ability to retain value and enhance home resale value, and, of course, exceptional natural beauty. Let the natural light in this summer and let it play perfectly off of airy hardwood species like white oak, red oak, bamboo, maple, and ash with muted finishes. Wide plank formats will make rooms feel bigger and more spacious, with a breezy, comfortable quality that will brighten the room.

Wood-Look Alternatives

If your active bunch is sure to track in mud and water from outside and spill messy cookout food at inopportune times, you can always opt for an easy-to-maintain, water-resistant wood-look floor that still delivers fashionable appeal. Wood-look tile, luxury vinyl, and laminate options in white, grey, greige, and blonde provide stunning visuals and in-demand shades, while also allowing you to wet-mop in the event of untimely accidents. These options will also displace rooms for far less time when being installed, which becomes a valuable bonus when kids are home from school and still limited when it comes to leaving the home.

Coastal Chic

If your family travel plans were put on hiatus this summer, consider bringing the beach to your home with a coastal chic aesthetic that will help you unwind year-round. Sandy-colored, white-washed, or distressed wood varieties will take you right back to your favorite pier. Gentle wire-brushing will create wind-swept natural texture. A glass tile backsplash of cool blues and darker browns in your bathroom will sparkle like your favorite oceans and whisk you away to your favorite beach.

Seasonal Area Rugs

One of the quickest ways to add inspired summer flooring is with the perfect seasonal area rugs! Maybe you love a blue textured carpet that reminds you of soothing waves. Perhaps you’ll find rugs with bold bright pops of fuchsia and red to match the plants outside. Combinations of red, white, and blue are always appropriate during summer, especially for your outdoor mats and entranceways. Whichever rugs catch your eye, make sure to indulge in a fun trend since you can easily rotate these rugs to storage when the fall season arrives.

When we think of summertime, we think of fun activities and making cherished memories with our favorite people. Capture summer flooring trends with a joyful spirit and your home will reflect that same warm energy. Visit the Markville Carpet & Flooring showroom in Toronto, Ontario and we will help you land the perfect addition for your summer home décor!

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