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Green Flooring Options

As leaders in the business world, we understand your desire to reduce the carbon footprint of your commercial setting and source eco-friendly flooring materials. At Markville, we start by offering certified commercial flooring products designed to reduce environmental impact, that are also healthy, socially responsible, and benefit people and the environment. By building a more sustainable environment in our offices and businesses, we can help address the interrelated nature of global challenges and better our planet in the process.

Green Flooring Options | Markville Carpet & Flooring

Floor Recycling Programs

Just as important as offering green flooring products, we believe in improving the processes by which we install and dispose of flooring in an ecologically-responsible manner. When you are ready to install new commercial flooring, we can help you divert your old flooring from landfills and recycle it instead! By offering our Office Floor Recycling program, we partner towards a more sustainable future by helping produce new recycled products, generate new energy, and reduce the amount of raw materials needed to manufacture flooring.


When shopping for green commercial flooring solutions, look for materials that boast third-party certification for recycled content. Explore flooring options that are recyclable and feature certifications such as Living Building Challenge (LBC) Declare Red List Free, meaning it contains no materials, chemicals, or elements known to pose serious risks to human health or the environment. The top eco-friendly commercial carpets will be LEED, WELL, and LBC eligible, and achieve CRI Green Label Plus certifications.


For better indoor air quality, identify the commercial flooring products that meet the rigorous testing and standards to achieve Indoor Advantage Gold Certification. Flooring that boasts FloorScore Certification has earned the most recognized indoor air quality (IAQ) certification standard which includes the actual flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayment. Commercial flooring verified for EPA TSCA Title VI and CARB compliance meet the most stringent emission restrictions.


As you explore green commercial flooring options, don’t forget to add actual greenery in your office or business setting! Both real and fake indoor plants bring a rejuvenating effect to both employees and patrons by enhancing our connection to the outside world. This concept is called ‘biophilic design’ and by using nature to both inform our flooring purchases and inspire our interiors, we can continue to work every day with an environmentally-conscious mindset that helps us to be our very best.


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