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Carpet Flooring

Carpet is a timeless flooring solution loved for its soft, comforting warmth. Because of its ability to absorb impact and sound, it's perfect for events, living rooms, and play areas! Additionally, it is hypoallergenic, trapping dirt and dust within for easy vacuuming.

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Designer Carpet Comfort

Carpet flooring isn't just comfortable. It's a stylish design, too! It's easy to get a sleek, modern look with patterned carpet styles that add some visual appeal. Or, you might look for simple earth tones for a more rustic atmosphere. Whatever your style is, you'll find the perfect high-end carpet design to bring it to life.


While many of today's carpet manufacturers now use innovative technologies for stain resistance, carpets still require immediate spill removal and proper care to keep them looking and feeling great in the long run. Follow these tips from the carpet maintenance experts at Markville Carpet & Flooring Centre.


While you can install your own carpet, we recommend trusting a professional installation team. You can rely on the Markville Carpet & Flooring Centre flooring experts to be efficient and thorough when handling your carpet installation.

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