Should I Get a Silk Rug?

There is no mistaking the stunning beauty of silk rugs. Each serves as a timeless centerpiece, with the artistry and ability to transform an entire room. Featuring striking color, intricate detail, and shimmering woven texture, a silk Persian rug is more than a home furnishing. It’s an investment!

Sometimes, as homeowners, we hold off on adding luxurious pieces if the household activity level is too high or unpredictable. Should I get a silk rug? Here are a few things you’ll need to consider in order to make the right decision for your home.

Gorgeous Appearance

Among interior designers, silk Persian rugs are considered works of art! There are many attractive area rugs on the market, but the silk fiber itself is what sets these pieces apart from the pack: with the impressive strength of the silk fiber, weavers are able to achieve knot counts much higher than with other fibers and create incredibly intricate designs as a result. Silk fiber is finer, more flexible, more colorful, and naturally reflect lights to create a luxurious sheen. These properties create rugs with an undeniable chic presence that instantly elevates your room décor.

Quality Craftsmanship

True silk rugs are a reflection of the time-honored technique used by skilled weavers to achieve the increased knots per square inch. Thanks to the quality of the silk fiber, the intricate patterns and designs will remain eye-catching for decades. Whereas wool rugs can lose their shape and cotton rugs can disintegrate with age, silk rugs last longer than other rug types and remain attractive longer as well. It pays to pay for top quality!


Persian silk rugs can be costly and there is no way around that. The silk material is the most expensive fiber, and the time and work it takes to create these rugs are greater than any other rug type. In fact, you should only purchase a silk rug from a reputable seller since there is a market for fake silk rugs made with synthetic fibers like rayon that will run when cleaned! If you purchase a silk rug, you are making a home investment similar to choosing genuine solid wood floors over an engineered or laminate wood floor. Look at the price of your favorite silk rug and place the expense within your overall home and design budget to see if the time is right for purchase.

Cleaning & Maintenance Requirements

When exploring silk rug options, it is also important to weigh whether the required maintenance is a deterrent to ownership. Since silk rugs are more delicate than other rug types, they can get dirty faster and are not as practical for areas with moderate to high foot traffic. Far from machine washable, your silk rug will need to be professionally cleaned. Due to the sensitivity of silk fiber to alkalinity and chlorine bleach, you may permanently damage your silk rug if you attempt to clean it incorrectly. You can gently sweep a silk rug with a broom and shake it outside without beating it. It is best to commit to an established professional cleaning schedule in order to preserve the appearance of your gorgeous silk rug.

If you are ready to invest in a quality silk rug, you will receive a brilliant, shining piece of functional art that will stun your visitors and help protect your floors underneath. Explore amazing silk options from makers such as Surya and Nourison now! You can also contact the experts here at Markville Carpet & Flooring in Toronto, Ontario!