Spring 2023 Flooring Trends

Spring is just around the corner, bringing with it a fresh take on almost everything. If you need a refresh on your floors, here are some new flooring trends to consider this spring that are sure to freshen your space.

Spring 2023 Flooring Trends

Luxury Vinyl- Not necessarily new, there is so much good to be say about LV flooring, that it’s always worth mentioning. This spring, look for new, warmer colors of LV Plank that resemble wood or LV Tile printed to look like painted ceramic tile or natural stone. Whether you choose plank or tile, vinyl is easy to install, very durable, affordable and water resistant. It’s an excellent solution for many home applications.

Epoxy Resin- A newer flooring medium, epoxy resin is extremely durable, resistant to scratches and totally waterproof. Two liquid parts are combined and poured onto a leveled floor. They harden to a solid state over the period of a few days. Resin can be tinted or dyed to mimic veining of natural stone or other materials. It is pricey compared to other methods of flooring and should be professionally installed but adds value to homes. Most people who choose epoxy floors use it in basements or smaller areas like bathrooms.

Curved Hardwoods- Another newcomer to the flooring scene, curved hardwoods are just how they sound. Rather than straight edged boards, each plank has curved sides, which are fit together by a professional installer. Though more expensive than traditional hardwood flooring, curved hardwoods provide visual interest and value to homes.

Patterns- Having floors installed in a less traditional pattern, such as Herringbone or Chevron patterns, is trending in 2023. Printed decorative tiles (ceramic and LVT) can be found in unexpected places, like dining rooms, laundries, and hallways, or to create statement spaces within larger areas. Use solid colored tile to create bold, retro-inspired patterns, such as checkerboard, in both large and small spaces.

Large Format- Flooring of all types is trending toward larger and wider this year, which creates a cohesive and spacious look in homes. Wider planks and large format tile, ranging in size from 12” squares to 6’ in length, can be used to customize floors and elongate rooms.

Spring 2023 Flooring Trends

Carpets- carpet this year range from low pile to super plush. Most of them are easy to keep clean, with existing stain-blocking technology. Look for carpets or area rugs similar in tone and style to the other flooring options- warm neutrals, bold print, or subtle patterns. In addition, carpet tiles are gaining popularity. More popular in commercial settings, carpet tiles are getting more attention due to their versatility. When tile becomes stained or worn, they can simply be replaced with new tiles. Use carpet tiles in spaces like family rooms and other areas that may take a lot of abuse from game night or foot traffic.

This Spring, whether you are looking to freshen your floors in a small space or your whole home, the friendly professionals at Markville Carpet & Flooring are ready to help you with options! Stop in or contact us to set up a design appointment today.