The Best Flooring Options For Rental Properties

When deciding on flooring for rental properties, landlords must make different considerations than they might were they shopping for their own home. Instead of prioritizing personal wants and needs, a landlord must consider how durable, low maintenance, and attractive a flooring might be in the eyes of a potential renter. At Markville Carpet & Flooring in Toronto, Ontario, we feature an incredible selection of flooring options that are perfect for rental properties. In this blog post, we’ll outline the top three flooring options for rentals.

The Best Flooring Options For Rental Properties

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl is an attractive flooring option that can mirror the look of more expensive materials but at a fraction of the price. The modern stylings of vinyl flooring might be a draw for certain tenants looking for something contemporary and sleek. From a cost perspective, luxury vinyl might carry a larger price tag than something like carpet but is much less expensive than hardwood. With the average lifespan of luxury vinyl lasting anywhere from 15-20 years, luxury vinyl is a durable flooring option that requires little maintenance to continue to look great.


Carpet is a popular option for rental properties as it boasts several benefits. Carpet is comfortable, warm, and sound absorbent, all desirable traits for tenants. Moreover, many tenants are familiar with carpet and expect it in select home areas, like the bedroom, as previously mentioned. Perhaps, the most significant benefit of carpet from a landlord’s perspective is the cost: carpet is a highly affordable flooring option.


The Best Flooring Options For Rental Properties

Laminate is another solid flooring option for landlords as it is beautiful and relatively low maintenance. While perhaps not as durable as luxury vinyl, laminate comes at a lower cost and offers a reasonably solid return on investment when considering price versus longevity. As an added benefit, laminate is easy to install and can sometimes be installed over existing flooring, saving landlords money on the potential removal of existing flooring.

As a landlord, the flooring you select for your property will significantly impact the type of tenants you attract while also affecting the long-term value of your property. Whether you decide to go with luxury vinyl, carpet, laminate, or another flooring option, so long as your choice aligns with overall goals in owning the property, you can’t go wrong. To learn more about the best flooring options for rental properties or to browse our selection of flooring, visit the team at Markville Carpet & Flooring in Toronto,Ontario.